Our Team is what makes us Juremont

Consisting of financial, logistics, food technology, quality and assurance and sales/business development experts who have been working within the Australian food manufacturing industry for many years. Key personnel are bilingual which assists with fluid communication to our distributor and supplier base.



Lisa has worked at Juremont for over 12 years having extensive experience managing business development and supply divisions of our import, export distribution business.   She has a degree in International Politics and Post Graduate qualifications in Public relations and International Trade. Dealing with some of the major players in the Australian and New Zealand food manufacturing industry, she works closely with credible global suppliers and distributors to ensure mutually beneficial relationships.  Lisa is responsible for directing the growth and development of the export division focussing on the Asia Pacific region. 



Jason joined our team in 2012.  He is responsible for budgeting, financials and board reporting, tax compliance, foreign currency hedging and general accounting.  Jason has previously held a number of senior management accounting roles in competitive manufacturing businesses and overseas state-owned telecommunication industries. He has been a qualified CPA accountant since 2008, has a Master degree in Accounting from RMIT in Australia and a Bachelor degree of Commence in China. Jason, who is fluent in the Mandarin, monitors new business development in the Eastern Asian area and sources and prepares strategies in particular import/export businesses with a focus on development of partners in China.


Jane Harman


Jane has a proven track record of managing business operations throughout her extensive career. With experience as Marketing Manager at Ernst & Young she has gone on to manage business operations within the health industry over a 15 year period. At Juremont she is responsible for business performance ensuring systems are in place to support our team, our customers, suppliers and distributors. Jane is responsible for human resources, service delivery from our logistics and supply chain management personnel, the customer service team, information and communication technology, cost containment, marketing and business promotion