Accessing quality Australian food producers

We have a diverse group of export ready Australian producers who have the capability and capacity to supply quality clean and green Australian grown products in volume. Our extensive experience in the food industry connects us with many family and privately owned entities and we are working with them to support and realise their global potential.  We are continuing to expand our portfolio of available food and beverage products which have a growing popularity within the Asian Pacific region.

R&D supporting produce development

Juremont Global works with our customers and distributor partners to develop new product lines and alternative ingredient options.  Well positioned to provide advice on new and emerging global food trends we’re committed to working with food technology departments, gaining a full understanding of requirements and presenting appropriate ingredient solutions.  R&D services are underpinned by our robust HACCP approved quality assurance management policies and procedures.

Strategic Brand Development

Our distributor partners are not interested in opportunistic sales, instead they develop memorable brands that reinforce product differences from competitors and drive customer demand.   They analyse and build strategy for brand placement in the market providing advice on look, price and packaging.  Many trusted brands are uniquely placed to empower consumers to access more value and to buy smarter and easier encouraging brand loyalty.

Supply chain management and logistics

The efficient management and operation of the supply chain is critical to our business and our ability to meet our customers’ and distributors’ delivery requirements so it’s highly resourced and administered.

We understand the eligibility requirements of food products exported into different markets.  We understand the challenges, industry standards, the documentation and timeframes required for managing exports.  We provide up-to-date information on licensing, certification and quarantine such as labeling and packaging prerequisites.

Our understanding of logistics associated with export including correct paperwork, insurance, shipping charges and timeframes ensures we provide a reliable and transparent service with cost effective pricing, storage and on time delivery of product.

Acquisition Strategy

Juremont Global is well positioned to identify and connect Australian food manufacturers and producers with potential Australian and overseas buyers.  We understand the delicate nature of these negotiations and offer consulting advice and recommendations to our customers and buyers focused on positive outcomes.